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About us

My name is Onkar and I am originally from India. I came to Spain 13 years ago as a dancer. Yes, before I was a Pizza Maker, I used to dance the traditional dances of my country. But I had to change my profession and decided to start a gastronomy business. I had experience inherited from my family, who are also dedicated to gastronomy.

Today I am proud of the brand that I have created and that fortunately everyone likes.

Mr Singh’s food and drink.

We are more than a pizzeria. We are a benchmark in the Marina Baixa in home delivery and we take pizzas and other dishes from our menu to the towns of L'Alfas del Pi, La Nucia, Benidorm, Finestrat ... We have even made deliveries at Alicante airport (These are orders very special)

We like to take care of our customers, and we try to have a fairly wide menu and innovate by fusing ingredients to make pizzas with explosive flavors.

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